Cops dealt a crippling blow Tuesday to a fast-growing Washington Heights drug gang that has recently ratcheted up the violence, branching into murder to protect its turf. Thirty-four members of the Trinitarios, including three of its leaders, were charged with a slew of crimes, including drugs, weapons and murders, law enforcement officials said.

Cops said the mostly Dominican gang, which also operated in the Bronxhad become more brutal recently. Gerry Farrellcommanding officer of the Bronx gang squad. The U. The bust included the arrests of Jonathan FelizReynaldo Montilla and Amantino Ramosthree of the gang's alleged leaders. Prosecutors said Feliz, the boss, ordered a cohort to kill off a rival drug dealer, a plan that ultimately failed.

There are some documented members of the Trinitarios in the city and scores of others who have not been accounted for, Farrell said. The gang came onto authorities' radar after a fatal Thanksgiving shooting in Manhattan. They can't arrest everybody. Skip to content. Several alleged members of Trinitarios drug gang, target of 41 indictments by the U. Most Read. Nearly K taxpaying New Yorkers barred from coronavirus relief because of Republican roadblock.

The arrests did little to ease Washington Heights residents. Latest Crime. Lori Vallow, husband Chad Daybell may be facing murder, conspiracy charges as AG takes over missing kids case. Chicago woman, 27, killed by stray bullet while social distancing amid coronavirus. Iowa woman drives to police station to have meth tested for coronavirus: cops.The Gangster Crips neighborhood stretches from Fairplex Dr. D Westdallas Rupert circle Tr3ys mov3n um crip lov3 bacc to Pomona west cuzz.

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Cristo es nuestro ideal, nuestro camino; su cruz, nuestra cruz, es la fragua de la santidad. Domina y conoce a los santos padres de la Iglesia y la Biblia y es su referencia obligada y constante.

La familia extrahispana fue reabriendo los conventos italianos entre yhasta constituirse en dos provincias. Las provincias trinitarias son:. A finales del siglo XVI, se fundaron los primeros conventos de monjas trinitarias contemplativas calzadas.

De este proyecto surgen en las trinitarias descalzas. Muchas procesiones de esclavos liberados por los trinitarios hicieron un alto en los hospitales de las religiosas. El Instituto de las Hermanas Trinitarias de Roma tiene su origen en Los diversos grupos, nacidos en torno a las comunidades trinitarias, se organizan por zonas, regiones y naciones.

Presentamos un listado de religiosos trinitarios ilustres a lo largo de la historia, que se complementa con el listado anterior de santos, beatos y venerables. Siglo XVII. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Omnes res, undecumque licite veniant, in tres partes dividant equales; et in quantum due partes sufficient, exequantur ex illis opera misericordie, cum sui ipsorum et eis necessario famulantium moderata sustentatione.

Tercia ver pars reservetur ad redemptionem captivorum qui sunt incarcerati pro fide Christi a paganis: vel dato precio rationabili pro redemptione ipsorum ver pro redemptione paganorum captivorum, ut postea rationabili communatione et bona fide redimatur christianus pro pagano secundum merita et statum personarum.

Nuestras casas han quedado deshabitadas. Jose Narlaly O. Ministro general.

357 trinitario

Constituciones Anthony O. D'Errico, The trinitariansRomapp. Vat, vol 4, f. Nat, J,n. ISBN Pujana, La Orden. Vidas ejemplares de la Familia TrinitariaLimapp.

Consultado el 7 de junio de Consultado el 15 de agosto de Juan Pujana, La Ordenpp. Compendio storicoRomapp. Trinitarios, Glosa al proyecto de vida del laicado trinitarioVillanueva del Arzobispopp. Datos: Q Multimedia: Trinitarian Order. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons. Signum Ordinis Sanctae Trinitatis et Captivorum. Regla de san Juan de Mata. Curia Generalizia [1].All five defendants were present for court, Tuesday.

Kevin Alvarez continued his testimony. Frederick Then AKA Colita, who was second in command, pulled up a picture on his phone of alleged Sunset members, according to the testimony. Sunset is a rival of the Los Sures within the same Trinitarios gang. Alvarez says the group of gang members gathered around Colita trying to figure out which Sunset member they had just stabbed.

357 trinitario

Prosecutor Morgan Dolan pulls up a group picture of alleged Los Sures that Alvarez identifies himself in. Alvarez identifies several alleged Trinitarios in the photo including Colita, Suero and Stacks, the three suspected leaders of the Bronx Trinis.

Manslaughter is a Class B Violent Felony that carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, according to Chris Carrion, a legal analyst following the trial. If he does so, the Manslaughter charge should be dropped and vacated, according to Carrion. Prosecutors say if he does not cooperate and testify truthfully, he will face a maximum of 25 years in prison for manslaughter in connection to the Junior case.

Prosecutors pull up surveillance video showing Junior run into the bodega from an NYPD camera adjacent to the store. One by one, Alvarez identifies the defendants in the video. Estrella shakes his head and takes his headphones off —throwing them on the table. Four out of five of the defendants wear headphones to hear English testimony translated to Spanish.

As the video plays through to the point where Junior is stabbed, Leandra Feliz, his mother, leans all the way forward in her seat to avoid watching. Prosecutors pull up various photos in an attempt to draw connections between the Trinitarios and the defendants as gang members.

Alvarez also identifies Elvin Garica AKA Rabia in photos of him lying in a hospital bed with his hand wrapped up after the stabbing. Alvarez previously testified that Manuel Rivera stabbed Garcia in the hand by accident during the attack on Junior. The wound going straight through his hand. Alvarez testified that his gang communicated with Suero via a group chat on WhatsApp. In earlier testimony from Detective Francis Orlando, we learned Reyes cooperated with police.

There is a possibility we will see him testify before this trial is over. It is not clear which one, and the suspected family members were not immediately available for comment, but Feliz alleges they wanted to fight her. The DA says she has roughly 20 more witnesses including the Medical Examiner. Cross Examination of Alvarez will begin Thursday. Please enjoy 20 complimentary views of articles, photos, and videos during the next 30 days.

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357 trinitario

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Orden Trinitaria

Frustration-Free Packaging. Rocky Mountain LLC. Michigan Sports. Stealth Rabbit. Chicago Knife Works. Blade Shop.Top definition. Trinitario unknown. At the beginning of February ofJuan Pablo DuarteFrancisco Del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Mella agreed in that year to form the secret society, the trinitaria identity that served to free and independize the country Dominican Republic in that time the country was breathing air of invasions from foreign controls such as Haiti, Spain, France, and England and other countries that wanted control of the Republic, It was then when the illustrious idea came to the fathers of the country on February 25 Ramon M.

Mella launched the trabuscazo in the Puerta Del Condeimmediately the struggle formed for the fight of the independence which was obtained on February 27 Thanks to the fathers of the country, the Dominican Republic breathes air of democracy.

A group of Dominicansin the prisons and now streets of New York maintain living that remembrance to continue with the idea to form a group that is called " Trinitario " to protect and to defend the rights of the imprisoned Dominican in different prisons of the United States and to create a single group inside prison and on the street that signifies DiosPatria y Libertad.

With there numbers steadily growing all over the world and especially on the east coast of the United States. The organization has members from all ethnic backgrounds they do not discriminate.

Any one of any ethnicity can become a member not only Dominicans. They have been known to recruit lots of Puerto Ricans and South Americans.

They believe strongly in the words, Dios, Patria y Libertad. They do not affiliate with no other gang, nation, or organization. P Dominicans Don't PlayBones, and a dozen others.

It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green is also associated with money. Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision.

Green suggests stability and endurance. Sometimes green denotes lack of experience; for example, a 'greenhorn' is a novice. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety; it is the color of free passage in road traffic.


Green is also the color of green plantains Platanos. Some Dominicans call themselves platanos for the love of eating them. Believed to make Dominicans strong. Trinitario has 7 points as they belong only to the Trinitario Nation. They live by their 7 points and die by their 7 points.The group was named for three revolutionaries of the Dominican War of Independence its motto is Dios, patria, y libertad "God, homeland and liberty". The group suffered a major blow inas the U.

Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York dismantled the group through a series of prosecutions. Forty-one defendants were charged with a racketeering conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RICO in connection to alleged participation in a criminal enterprise that included narcotics trafficking, murder and attempted murder.

Later, however, the group had a resurgence. Internal factions of the Trinitarios have battled with one another, beginning inwhen a leader of a Sunset Park, Brooklyn chapter of the Trinitarios attempted to expand to the Bronx without authorization.

The Trinitarios are known for their high degree of organization, including a hierarchical structure, [8] [9] as well as well as for their use of brutal violence. In August several Trinitarios gang members were arrested for shooting at a house in Lawrence, Massachusetts. In Junea Trinitario gang member from Haverhill, Massachusetts was arrested for the murder of a rival Gangsters Disciples gang member.

Authorities confiscated 79 firearms in the operation. Out of the 79 guns, which came in from out of state, 17 were stolen and at least two were used in shootings.

In one case, undercover officers were able to buy 27 guns in one transaction. On June 20,in the Bronx, year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz left his apartment to loan a friend five dollars. The gang members entered the bodega at Bathgate Avenue and East rd Street where Guzman-Feliz was seeking shelter, dragged him onto the sidewalk in front of the store, and beat him and stabbed him with machetes and large knives.

The murder outraged the public, [9] [17] and video footage of the murder went viral.

357 trinitario

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Trinitario. New York-based gang composed of Dominican Americans. Main article: Death of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. National Gang Intelligence Center. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved New York Post. Department of Justice, pp. Retrieved 16 January November 15, Retrieved 24 August FOX 5 NY. June 27, News Retrieved July 11, Organized crime groups in New York City.

Hells Angels Satan's Soldiers 69'ers. Clair's gang. Dominicans Don't Play Trinitario. MS Sur